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About Us

A little about us at PTCentral and how we came about.


PTCentral has been around since early 2017 initially as a personal training business consulting service. We know the in’s and out’s of turning a regular trainer into a professional super business. After hearing the same stories and complains from both personal trainers and clients over and over, we went to the drawing board and developed a custom made digital service that overcomes all these issues.

A common saying we hear from clients and PTs are:

Clients – ”I’m sick of lazy personal trainers that just take my money and give me the same old boring routine. There is no effort, no passion, I feel like i’m not getting any value.”


Personal Trainers – ”We’re sick of paying gym fee’s and being forced to work on a strict roster. We’re want to start something for ourselves but don’t know where to begin.”

Hearing these common feedback lead us to form PTCentral. A digital advertising service made just for personal trainers to bring clients to them using brutally honest service that publicly reviews and rates personal trainers. No more hiding behind big gym brand names or services that randomly assign you a trainer. This way only the best personal trainers who put effort and passion into their lifestyle stand out and thrive,

We’ve put together an expert team of the best digital marketers, SEO specialists, personal training consultants, and developers from around the world to find the perfect personal trainer for the right client.

We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have about us.

Feel free to go to our contact us page, or send an e-mail to: admin@ptcentral.com.au

You can also ask our Facebook team a question at: https://www.facebook.com/PTCentral/

Have a browse of the services we offer:


Who are we?

PTCentral is a dedicated service to finding the right personal trainer for the right clients.


Our website is extremely easy to navigate, we want to make finding the right trainer as smooth as possible.


We make finding the right personal trainer as fair as possible, all our ratings and reviews are not modified.

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We're constantly fine tuning our services specifically for personal trainers.

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